Saturday, November 21, 2009

DeweyBinns x SpareTires Vol. 1


SpareTires vol. 1 is a collection of songs by DeweyBinns of 8bit Cynics
Free download drops Dec. 1st on
Mixed by DJ Chips
Artwork by

Monday, November 2, 2009

P.O.S. - Never Better

No words necessary...

- Z.B.

Friday, October 23, 2009

medafORACLE's "FINDINMED" is here!!! [free download]


My big brother medafORACLE has dropped his newest project, the "FINDINMED EP", for free at his blogspot. Make sure you scoop it today. He is one of the illest emcees around.



Grafwurks presents DeweyBinns Sparetires vol. 1 [Grinder leak]


We are very happy to announce that Grafwurks will be presenting the new mixtape from DeweyBinns, SpareTires Vol. 1. With that said, “Grinder” is the first leak off of “Spare Tires” which will be released later this year. “Grinder” is produced by the one and only, OB-One. Go visit Grafwurks today to download "Grinder".

Click H E R E


Wednesday, October 21, 2009 presents - freebee-sides

here are 20 old beats i found on my computer--some are from around 2005, some are a little newer...have at 'em there, rappers. lemme know if you use any of em.




rory kurtz x electra

i want this print real should get it for me.

click here for more


Friday, October 16, 2009

Chuy X WAC Mens Basketball Preview


As some of you might already know, I'm a college basketball freak! Today (Oct, 16th) marks the official start of practice for my beloved New Mexico State Aggies, and the rest of the college basketball world. Now since I'm living in Sooner/Big 12 country, a lot of you are probably going "New Mexico State? Who the hell cares about them? Have they ever even won a game?" Yes... Yes we have. Lots of them actually. New Mexico State, along with WAC rivals Nevada and Utah St., is rich in men's basketball tradition with 17 NCAA Tournament appearances including 5 Sweet Sixteens. We were a top 25 program in the 90's in wins and in 1970 (I know thats a long a time ago) we went to the final four only to lose to UCLA. No we don't get the national exposure that some of the BCS conferences get, but we have always been competitive and talented. And bigger schools have always been reluctant to make a trip to Las Cruces fearing mid major defeat. This season will be no different as the Aggies are loaded with talent heading into an exciting 2009/10 campaign.

Key Players:
Jahmar Young is the reigning scoring champ in the conference and 2011 NBA draft prospect. Here's some footage of him at the Carmelo Anthony tournament this past summer.

Jahmar in his neighborhood in Baltimore:

Wendell McKines. I'll let the footage speak for itself.


Jonathon Gibson, Troy Gillenwater, Hernst LaRoache, and Gordo Castillo are all dangerous players as well. Look for the NMSU Aggies to make noise this season, and don't be surprised if you see them knock off some teams in March.

My WAC pre-season picks:

9. Hawaii- Just bad.

8. San Jose St- Just not very good.

7. Boise St- Good coach, good point guard, great football team.

6. Fresno St- Like every other year, a talented bunch of underachievers.

5. La Tech- Could finish ahead of Nevada. Great coach and two great players (Gibson and Rolle). Not much after that.

4. Nevada- Some folks won't appreciate my thoughts on this one. But Nevada, who has been the overall best team in the WAC the last several years, will be down. Returning leading scorer Luke Babbit and over-rated all-conference point guard Armon Johnson will lead this team to a disappointing season.

3. Idaho- This team scares me. A branch from Stew Morrill's coaching tree, Don Verlin and the Vandals are the truth. Scrappy players that include one the nation's best point guards Mac Hopson. This team will still be riding on the confidence gained from last years turnaround.

2. Utah St-It's tough for me to pick Utah St. to finish 2nd. Stew Morrill would be successful anywhere. Discipline players that buy into a great system of success. One of the best fan bases in the country. Wouldn't be surprised to see them win another conference title.

1. New Mexico St
-I'm not picking the Aggies to win the conference based on personal bias. I didn't pick them to win the last two years. But this team has too much talent and confidence even with early season academic problems. I think this year, and next, will be huge for this team. Potential Cinderella in March.

POY-Jahmar Young
All WAC- Mac Hopson, Magnum Rolle, Paul George, Jared Quayle.
2nd team- Jonathon Gibson, Kyle Gibson, Troy Gillenwater, Tai Wesley, Rodrick Flemings

It's hard to leave out Armon Johnson, Wendell McKines, Sylvester Seay, Adrian Oliver and Tyler Newbold but somebody has to be left out. I see Jonathon Gibson having a monster senior year.

If anyone has any issues with my words here, please comment. It's all in fun. The WAC should be a great conference this year. I look forward to watching on ESPN Full Court.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monch Mondays?

Here's a pretty cool interview with my favorite artist Pharoahe Monch.


Serius Jones - Can't Stand Her

I guess I am on a SERIUS Serius Jones HIGH right now?

This song is real dope.

- ziggy biggunz

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Serius Jones vs Lil Duval

This is some funny sh*t people. Real funny!!

- ziggy Biggunz

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

medafORACLE x FINDINMED Oct 23rd

Dont sleep on this project.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mind Absorbing.

Eli Escobar - Glass House

Gnarly video.

- Ziggy Biggunz

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 x Dipsomaniac II


Well it's been about 10 days since we released Dipsomaniac II with and so far it's been a success. Much love to Mes the jive turkey and anyone else who helped us with getting this project out. If you dont have it yet, or you know someone who doesn't, hit the link below and download now for FREE! Big ups to McNastee and Astronautalis for the guest spots.

8bit Cynics-Dipsomaniac II


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Freshest Kids.

These 3 need no introduction.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My favorite season has arrived. To celebrate I've mixed a bunch of songs that remind me of this great time of year to share with anyone who likes good songs. There are many genres on it, this is not a hip-hop mix tape, but I think you will enjoy it nonetheless.
There are some unreleased songs, some rare cuts, and a preview from Runt's forthcoming album on Strapped For Cash Records--also titled "Autumn"...we will discuss that more the meantime, enjoy some choice tracks from my collection.

(click to download)

TRACK LISTING (for those leery of my impeccable taste):

1 - Intro (excerpt Son Of Sam - Invocation)
2 - Sims - Never Enough
3 - Silverchair - Untitled (from Godzilla soundtrack)
4 - Billy Phono - The Burning (homie from U.K. check him out!
5 - Sole - The Devils A Travelling Man
6 - Glassjaw - You Think You're John Fucking Lennon (Unreleased)
7 - Runt - Autumn (title track from the upcoming release on Strapped For Cash Records)
8 - Doomtree - Jaded
9 - Ben Nichols (of Lucero) - The Last Pale Light In The West
10 - El-P - Flyentology (Cassettes Wont Listen Remix)
11 - Rasputina - Tourniquet (Marilyn Manson Cover)
12 - Sia - Breathe Me
13 - Cecil Otter - Follow Me (ft. Sage Francis)
14 - Darc Mind - U Da One
15 - Chuck Ragan (of Hot Water Music)- The Boat
16 - Oldominion - Ezmerelda